Save You And Your Tenants Money With This Pre-Rental Checklist


Renting out your home comes with a variety of tax benefits to take advantage of that will save you quite a bit of money over the years, but your savings don't have to end there. With the help of just a little extra time and investment you can increase renter interest in your property while saving yourself and your tenants some money at the same time:

Invest in Septic Services

One of the most important aspects of ensuring the proper function of your home both inside and out is maintaining the septic system. If it's not checked on a regular basis, it's not easy to tell whether or not it needs to be pumped. If the septic system overflows, it will contaminate your yard, and possibly even your neighbor's, which can cost you lots of money in repairs when all is said and done.

Getting your septic system inspected before having renters move in will ensure there are not any cracks or leaks that need to be repaired before they become too serious, which will save your tenants a huge headache and minimize the chance that their personal belongings will be ruined by a sewage spill.

Seal the Windows and Doors

Insulating your home's windows and doors will help protect its interior from the outdoor elements so you don't end up facing the need for repairs due to moisture, mold, and mildew. And well insulated doors and windows will save your tenants some money on energy costs throughout the year, reduce noise pollution from the outdoors, and even prevent unwanted dust and pollen from entering the home.

You can insulate the windows and doors yourself by using spray foam insulation or basic caulking around all the frames. It's also a helpful to install weatherstripping on the door frames and insulation film on the windows. Don't forget about the windows and doors that are in the basement and attic.

Include Landscaping Tools

To ensure your landscaping doesn't die or become overgrown, requiring the help of a professional landscaper to bring it back to life, consider including landscaping tools like a lawnmower, rakes, and shovels, with the rental. This will encourage your tenants to take care of the yard without having to pay for maintenance tools or supplies out of pocket.

Providing a basic list of landscaping tasks to follow will give your tenants some direction when it comes to how the yard should be taken care of. It's important to make sure that your rental agreement stipulates that the landscaping tools available with the rental are to remain on the property at all times, and should be left behind when your tenants move out. You may even want to request a security deposit for them as part of the move-in fees.

Install Some Ceiling Fans

While the average air conditioning unit uses about 3,500 watts of power each hour it runs, ceiling fans use only about 60 watts of power which is a huge energy savings for your tenants to take advantage of. Installing ceiling fans will decrease wear and tear on your home's HVAC system too, which is sure to save you money on repairs in the long run. Ceiling fans can even be used during winter months to help control indoor temperatures so the heater doesn't have to be used as often. Put a ceiling fan in all the common rooms in your rental home, such as the living room and bedrooms, for optimal results.

The tips and tricks are easy to implement and they're sure to help set your rental apart from the local competition. You may even find that it's feasible to incorporate the costs of these updates into the overall rental price of your property. 


9 July 2015

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