The Combination Pipe Leak/Ceiling Drywall Fix Made Stress Free


Plumbers deal -- not too surprisingly -- with common issues such as leaks. Calling on a plumber to fix a leak, however, may not be the extent of the work that needs to be done. A bit of general contracting work could be necessary, since the plumber may have to perform some "targeted destruction" of a ceiling or floor. However, dealing with dual plumbing and drywall repair work might turn out to be not stressful at all.

Leaking Ceilings and Cut Drywall

A drain pipe underneath the bathroom floor may be leaking water through -- and ruining -- the ceiling drywall on the floor below. A remote camera may not be adequate to determine where exactly the leaky pipe is; cutting out drywall may be required. This can create a bit of trouble for the homeowner, since someone has to repair the drywall after it is removed. A homeowner may not be able to leave a gaping hole in the ceiling for long. Pests, for example, may be able to find entry into the living room through the newly opened hole. The home may be up for sale, and holes in the ceiling could be visually disastrous.

Homeowners should do the following when worried about any removed drywall:

  • Confirm Services and Subcontracting

Upon calling the plumbing business to request service, ask if any repair work will be performed by the plumber on the same day of the leak repair. If not, determine whether the plumber can subcontract the repair work out to someone else. Find out how many days may be required before any included subcontracted repair work is performed.

  • Coordinate a Contractor Booking

If the plumber is not able to perform any necessary repairs to the drywall and does not subcontract the work out, the homeowner will have to book the subcontractor on his her/own. Try to get a morning appointment with the plumber, and nail down a very reliable estimate of the time required to finish the leak fix. This way, a separate contractor can be reliably booked for later in the day.

  • Request Minimal Cutting

Cutting out huge chunks of drywall may not be necessary. Ask the plumber to cut out as little as possible in order to find and repair the leak. If the plumber is able to meet this request, then the repair work becomes nothing more than a simple patch job.

In a way, the homeowner has to be a bit proactive when requesting that certain plumbing repair work be done. In being proactive, the homeowner increases the odds that the repair work will be done without stress, hassles, or added delays. For additional information, contact a plumber at a company like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.


19 April 2017

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