Tips For Keeping Your Company's Toilets Flowing Well


If the toilets in your new office building keep clogging, then you will be happy to know that there are many things you can do to prevent future clogs.

Follow this list of tips to keep your toilets flowing well:

Tip: Use a Septic-Safe Toilet Paper, Even if Your Office Building Does Not Have a Septic Tank

Even if your office building is connected to a public sewer system and doesn't use a septic system, you can reduce the number of toilet clogs your company has by using a toilet paper that is rated to be septic-safe. Toilet paper that is approved for use in a septic system falls apart more easily, which helps to prevent clogs in your toilets. As your customers use the restroom and the toilet paper sits in the toilet bowl, it will start to separate and won't wad up in a giant ball that clogs your toilet's plumbing. Waiting for a few minutes between using the restroom and the time you flush the toilet can also help.

Tip: Invest in a Quality Toilet Plunger and Learn How to Properly Use It

There is a big difference in the performance of a cheap plastic toilet plunger and one made of quality rubber. Though you may not want to spend the extra money for a higher-quality plunger, you will be happy that you made the investment the next time your toilet is clogged. The best toilet plungers have a rubber ball on their base that can easily be collapsed when you push down on the plunger.

To use the plunger correctly, you should place the rim of the rubber ball on your toilet's drain and slowly move the plunger's handle up and down. The goal you are trying to reach is to build up some pressure in the drain pipe. Once you have plunged a few times, then the pressure will be high enough that you can quickly pull up on the plunger's handle and the clogging material will be sucked back up into the toilet bowl.

Tip: Buy and Learn How to Use a Drain Snake

Finally, since some toilet clogs can be stubborn and no amount of plunging will release them, you should purchase an inexpensive drain snake to save your company some money on plumbing bills. Drain snakes made specifically for toilets are available at any hardware store and are simple to use. Place the ball end of the drain snake into the toilet bowl and crank the handle to feed the snake up into the plumbing. Once the entire snake has been fed through the plumbing, then you can pull it back out, and the clog will easily pass when you flush the toilet. 

For additional information, contact a commercial plumber in your area.


25 April 2017

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