Issues That Can Come Up When Moving A Gas Hot Water Heater


There may come a time where you want to move the gas water heater in your home to a new location. It could be to free up room in your basement for a remodeling project, or to gain back a closet that is being used for the large appliance. Moving a water heater is always possible, but it can have a few unforeseen problems that arise when doing so.

Moving the Gas Line

One issue is that you need to get the fuel source of the water heater to its new location. A water heater that runs on gas will need a brand new natural gas line installed at the new location. You should also remove the old gas line going to the water heater's previous location.

Check with a plumber to see if there will be any issues getting the gas line to the water heater's brand new location.

Venting the Tank in a New Way

Your existing hot water tank was installed in its location for a good reason. It most likely has a direct vent that goes directly to a nearby chimney. Direct ventilation allows the gas to naturally flow out of the water heater on its own. Moving the tank to a new location away from the chimney will require a new ventilation method. Thankfully, you can purchase a new hot water heater that uses a power vent to force the gas out of the home.

Installing an Electrical Outlet

The power vent is essentially a fan that runs when the water heater is heating the water. Your water heater may be powered by gas, but a new water heater with a power vent will require electricity. You will need to have an electrical outlet installed near the new hot water heater so that the power vent can get the electricity needed to run.

Keep in mind that a power vent hot water heater will require electricity to operate. Your gas hot water heater may have still been able to run if the power is out, but a gas hot water heater with power ventilation will require electricity.

While these 3 things may seem like big issues, it is still possible to move a hot water heater to the location you want thanks to the previously mentioned solutions. For more info on moving a hot water heater to a new spot in your home, speak to a plumber in your area.


3 June 2017

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