Keep Cool Air In And Warm Air Out


One of the most important things for you to do when it comes to keeping your house cooled down is to make sure you aren't just letting that nice cool air go right out of the house or let the heat in. There are a lot of different ways the cool air can escape and while some of them are obvious, some may include ways you would never think of. Here are some of the ways cool air can escape and the heat can rush in, leaving you in a hotter house and dealing with larger bills.

Open the doors as little as possible and make it quick

As soon as you open a door the hot air rushes in and that cool air escapes. If you leave the door open for even a minute then you can cause the temperature in the entire room to raise significantly. If possible, try to run most of your outdoor errands during the cooler parts of the day so you can cut down on some of the heat that pours in.

A lot of heat can come in the windows

If you put your hand right in front of your window when the sun is shining on it you will be able to feel the heat. Having your home weatherized by having double windows installed can help, but it won't completely fix the problem. Putting up very heavy drapery that you close all the way during the hot parts of the day will give you more help and adding tint to the windows can significantly help.

A lot of heat can come in from the roof and attic

Roofs are generally darker in color and this helps them to absorb a lot of that sunlight. This causes the temperature of your attic to rise. That heat will then cause your ceiling to get hot which means the whole house. Three things that will really help in this case is to have your roof coated with a cool roof coating, have your attic completely insulated and make sure the attic doors are all in good shape and sealed tightly.

Using sources of heat will defeat your efforts for home cooling

There are certain things you don't want to do when you are working so hard to keep your house feeling nice and cool inside. For example, when you are planning out your meals for the week you should consider the weather. You aren't going to want to do any baking in the oven on hot days if there is any way you can avoid it. Instead, you can opt for foods that you cook on the stove top or even in a crockpot.

Have a central air conditioning system installed

After your air conditioning installation, you have a convenient, efficient way to cool your home. However, if you have the choice, opt for central air instead of window AC units. Window AC units can allow a lot of the coolness to go right out the glass. Units with baseboard blowers are generally located right under the windows and again, that cool air can be lost. A central air conditioner unit will usually have registers near the ceiling and they aren't known for being near windows. This allows more of that cool air to remain in the house where you want it.  


16 June 2017

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