Signs It's Time To Replace Your Plumbing Risers


It's common for property owners to put off replacing plumbing components, in an effort to manage costs. However, when you put off replacing worn components, it causes a chain reaction that will eventually result in the failure of other parts. The good news is certain components, such as plumbing risers, provide telltale signs before they finally fail, so if you heed the warnings, you'll reduce your repair costs down the line. Here are a couple of signs that it's time to replace your plumbing risers. 

What They Are

Plumbing risers are crucial components as they deliver water to each floor of your property. They have a typical life-span of about 40 to 70 years depending on the material they're made of. If your property is in that age range and hasn't had the risers replaced, you can bet it's time to do so. If your property is a multi-use apartment building with high water usage, that can easily shave about a decade off of the lifespan of your risers. Trying to squeak by in an 80-year-old building that hasn't had the plumbing risers replaced puts the property and the tenants at risk. 

Low Water Pressure

One of the most reliable signs that it may be time to replace your risers is low water pressure. If you've noticed that the water pressure has significantly declined over the years, or if your tenants are complaining of low water pressure, the risers are likely worn out. Like other plumbing parts, risers are susceptible to corrosion and can only last so long before they begin leaking. It's the leaking that reduces the water pressure, and if there's leaking, the water can damage the structure of your property. If the water pressure gets worse as you go to the upper floors of your property, it's likely time to replace your risers.

Discolored Water

Water discoloration is another telltale sign that your risers need replacing. The discoloration comes from corrosion. You may notice that the water is brown, orange, or red. This is a warning sign that the risers are old and corroded. If you own an apartment building, the discolored water is likely to affect all floors of your property. Tenants may only notice the water discoloration when the water is first turned on and then it will run clear. However, don't put off replacing the risers, because as they corrode further your problems will get worse. 

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27 June 2017

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