Specialty Plumbing Services 101: The Different Types Of Plumbers


If you walk up and ask the average homeowner what type of professional service people they value the most, there is a fairly high chance that a plumber will be one of those on the list they share with you. From wrangling busted water lines to jumping in and saving the day when you have a clogged toilet, these waterway experts are nothing short of heroes for the average homeowner. Even still, many homeowners have no idea that a plumber is not always just a plumber. There are actually several different types of plumbers that you may need as a homeowner for all kinds of different tasks, projects, and problems. 

Title: Pipelayer Plumber 

Specialty: Installing new plumbing lines into the ground. 

If you have ever had to have a water main replaced at your home, there is a good chance you have actually encountered a pipelayer plumber. Even though many traditional plumbers can and do lay pipes, some spend a lot of years in apprenticeship to become true experts with this task. They often have enough familiarity with things like ground consistency and geological shaping of the ground to help you make the best decisions about the type of pipes you need and exactly how they should be installed. 

Title: Septic System Plumber 

Specialty: Tending to installation and problems with septic system components. 

In the field of plumbing, there are some professionals who spend most of their time working on septic systems, which gives them an unbelievable amount of knowledge about this not-often-appreciated home system. If you have a septic tank that you have had replaced or have ever needed a new septic line, you may have dealt with a septic system plumbing professional. Not all plumbers do septic system work because this could easily be deemed the dirtiest niche in the business. 

Title: HVAC Plumber 

Specialty: Offers services for HVAC systems involving water. 

Boiler units and other water-involved home heating and cooling systems are a unique sect of HVAC systems, which means a specialized service professional is an all-out must if you have one of these types of systems in your home. An HVAC plumber is basically a plumber who is also qualified to work on HVAC systems, especially those that involve water or steam in some shape or form to produce and carry heat through your home. Because not every plumber tackles the necessary training to be qualified with this specific type of HVAC/plumbing work, it is extremely convenient to have one of these combination services accessible. 


29 July 2017

building a pool-side bathhouse

I installed a pool about three years ago, and my family has loved having it. My only issue with having a pool in the backyard was the fact that the kids would run through the house soaking wet to go to the bathroom. I decided that it was time for me to invest in a bathhouse by the pool. My husband and I planned to do much of the work ourselves, but needed to hire a plumber to run all of the plumbing from the house to the bathhouse. To find a step-by-step tutorial about building a bathhouse from the ground up, read through our blog.