How To Fix A Slow-Draining Vessel Sink


A vessel sink sits on top of the vanity, and it is removable, which makes repair easy. However, like other plumbing fixtures, they can develop leaks. Vessel sinks may come with or without an overflow (the part that prevents water spilling from the basin), and they could have a grid drain, a twist stopper or a pop-up stopper. It is possible to troubleshoot and fix a slow vessel sink drain by following these tips.

1 July 2017

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Plumbing Risers


It's common for property owners to put off replacing plumbing components, in an effort to manage costs. However, when you put off replacing worn components, it causes a chain reaction that will eventually result in the failure of other parts. The good news is certain components, such as plumbing risers, provide telltale signs before they finally fail, so if you heed the warnings, you'll reduce your repair costs down the line.

27 June 2017

Keep Cool Air In And Warm Air Out


One of the most important things for you to do when it comes to keeping your house cooled down is to make sure you aren't just letting that nice cool air go right out of the house or let the heat in. There are a lot of different ways the cool air can escape and while some of them are obvious, some may include ways you would never think of. Here are some of the ways cool air can escape and the heat can rush in, leaving you in a hotter house and dealing with larger bills.

16 June 2017

Preventative Maintenance Tips For A Gas Water Heater


Having to take cold baths due to a gas water heater malfunctioning can be a frustrating situation to be in. You can actually prevent your water heater from experiencing untimely problems by hiring a plumber to perform preventative maintenance on it. The key is to detect small problems and get them repaired before they turn into larger problems that are more difficult to repair. Your water heater can last for a long time if it is well taken care of throughout the years.

14 June 2017

Reasons To Schedule A Hydrojet Treatment For Your New Restaurant Space


If you've just invested in your first commercial property to open up a restaurant or cafe, one of the first things on your list to deal with should be the plumbing system. You may think that it's fine if things appear to be flowing and draining like they should, but in order to keep it that way, there are some things you need to do. One of the things you should consider is having a local commercial plumber hydrojet the lines.

7 June 2017

Issues That Can Come Up When Moving A Gas Hot Water Heater


There may come a time where you want to move the gas water heater in your home to a new location. It could be to free up room in your basement for a remodeling project, or to gain back a closet that is being used for the large appliance. Moving a water heater is always possible, but it can have a few unforeseen problems that arise when doing so. Moving the Gas Line

3 June 2017

How To Break Up A Toilet Clog Without Plunging


Realizing that a toilet isn't flushing properly can fill anyone with dread, but if coupled with the realization that you don't have access to a toilet plunger, it can incite panic. While every household should have a toilet plunger for situations like these, if you find yourself without one, there is still a way to clear the toilet. Read on to learn how you can clear most common clogs without a toilet plunger.

20 May 2017